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Two hearts are beating in my chest. Doudouff! Life has always been between two continents – two cultures. Born in Germany, bred in Africa. When three months old, we moved to Cape Town, then to Windhoek, Namibia. Raised in a German household, living in an African environment. Always appreciating this as a big advantage, a unique chance offered to me. Seeing the world with different eyes, from two opposite perspectives with a lot of understanding, empathy for people and cultures around me. And always important is nature, lots of space and freedom for different ideas and ways of life. I´m grateful for this.


Chief Executives Organization America - Reisereportage und Buch
Nido Magazin - Porträt
ndF (neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft) - Standfotografie
RTL - Studioshoot, Standfotografie
brandeins - Porträtstrecke
Sense of Home Magazin - Porträtstrecke
Sanlam Ensurances - Porträt
Reich und Wamser Innenarchitekten - Architekturfotografie
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation - Reportage, Studioshoot
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - Produktfotografie
Goethe Institut - Corporate Fotografie, Architekturfotografie
Chrismon - Coverbild, Porträtstrecke
Kaboom Kommunikationsagentur - Porträt

Immobilienzeitung Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

Sympathie Magazine - Coverbild
Zeit Campus - Porträt
Namibia Diamond Board - Dokumentarfotografie, Produktfotografie, Porträtfotografie für ein Coffee Table Book
Olthaver & List - Fotografie für Jahresberichte
Namibia Breweries - Fotografie für Jahresbericht, Produktfotografie, Industriefotografie
Nammilk - Billboard Fotoshoot, Produktfotografie, Lifestyleporträts
Meatco - Fotografie für Jahresbericht, Produktfotografie, Industriefotografie, Corporate Porträt
Development Bank of Namibia - Fotografie für Jahresberichte, Corporate Porträt, Editorial Porträts
Rio Tinto - Industriefotografie, Corporate Porträt, Eventfotografie
Engen - Corporate Porträt
Afrox - Corporate Porträt
Paragon Namibia - Architekturfotografie
AMC Gemxcel Diamonds - Eventfotografie
Who Is Who Magazine - Covershoot, Corporate Porträts
Nawa Life Trust - Studiofotografie, diverse Awareness Kampagnen
Windhoek Observer - Porträtkolumne „People of Namibia“ für 2 Jahre
Collective Productions - Standfotografie
Sister Namibia - Covershoot
Restaurant Gathemann - Foodfotografie, Porträt, Dokumentarfotografie
Villa Violet - Architekturfotografie, Interieurfotografie
Anin Linen Company - Produktfotografie, Interieurfotografie
Venture Publications - Dokumentarfotografie
Power And Glory Films - Standfotografie
China Jiangxi International - Architekturfotografie
Aqua Services and Engineering - Industriefotografie
GOPA-CBRLM with Millenium Challenge Account - Dokumentarfotografie
NICE Restaurant and Bar - Interieurfotografie, Foodfotografie, Porträtfotografie
Katitis Lodge - Interieurfotografie
NAMIBRE - Corporate Porträts, Eventfotografie
Nina Maritz Architecture - Architekturfotografie


I am a trained designer. I first studied Interior Architecture at the University of Art and Design <Burg Giebichenstein> in Halle-Saale, then Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. Although I have specialized in photography, I am very passionate about design and architecture in general. The process of creating and the philosophy of aesthetics paired with meaning, philosophy, history and cultural environments is what drives me.


Since 2010 I have been working as a freelance photographer in Windhoek/Namibia for African and International clients. 2017 me and my family have set up a second home-base in the Bavarian Alps, Fischbachau. Now you can choose between snowy mountains, tanned savannah and lush green rivers as a backdrop for your photoshoot.

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